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Cyprinus carpio  Common Carp
Poster: Grabba
Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio  
Dutch name:
English name: Common Carp
Place: Oostvardersplassen
Date: 08 Nov 2015
Pic Description: These Carp, boiling at the surface of one of the pools made for interesting digiscoping targets moving as erratically as they do.
Posted: Mon 25 Jan 2016, 21:30
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Poster: Kosmo on Tue 26 Jan 2016, 20:15
Kunstzinnige foto met abstracte kwaliteiten. Ik vind hem mooi.

Poster: Tom Versluijs on Tue 26 Jan 2016, 20:49
Great artistic picture. The black/white element makes the image even stronger.

Poster: Grabba on Wed 27 Jan 2016, 17:10
Thanks folks, much appreciated.

Poster: gert on Sat 30 Jan 2016, 10:01
Indeed a very nice artistic black and white picture. I had to look twice before identifying the two Carps. The Dutch name btw is Europese Karper or just Karper...

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